Over the last years I've been working together with publishing houses and self-publishing authors to create unique book covers, that catch the attention of the readers and help bring the books to life. Creating an illustration and design that does just that requires an in depth work process involving following steps.



Creating a concept that captures the authors vision is always something that's very important to me.  I can only imagine how much time you’ve spent mastering your work and I want us to achieve the same for the cover. 


As for the first step, I offer a one-on-one consultation call with the author. This will allow me to get a good understanding of the storyline the message of the book and the mood you would like to portray on the cover. During this call I would also love to hear your requirements for the cover and already discuss some ideas for the illustration that could represent your book the best.

Depending on each specific case a more thorough concept development might sometimes be necessary. That can include more in-depth discussions with the author or even reading the manuscript or some parts of the book in order to be able to propose illustration ideas for the cover.


Once a suitable concept for the cover illustration has been established, we can move on to the next step - sketching out the idea of the illustration. 


Once the illustration concept has been established the drawing process starts.

I will work on my own for a week or two to create a detailed line sketch. The purpose of the sketch is to figure out the composition and main details of the illustration.  

Once the first sketch has been proposed it is possible to request changes, big or small. Only after I've done the adjustments and you have approved the sketch, we will move on to the next step - rendering the final illustration.


Based on the line sketch a fully rendered illustration will be created. This phase takes the longest, usually a couple of weeks.


Once the final illustration has been proposed, it is still possible to request some minor changes to reach a cover illustration that you're happy with! 




After the Cover Illustration has been completed we move on to the final step of designing the cover. This includes choosing a suitable font set and designing the front/spine/back of the cover and also creating additional illustrations if necessary to reach a complete cover design. The final deliverables include print ready files for soft/hard cover book and suitable web files for eBook.

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